FASTRAK AND ULTIMATE Series Sold to Bill and Stacy Lupinos

March 24, 2023

FASTRAK AND ULTIMATE Series Sold to Bill and Stacy Lupinos

Carnesville, Georgia - The FASTRAK Racing Series and the ULTIMATE Super Late Model Series have both been sold to ULTIMATE Super Model Series franchisee holders Bill and Stacy Lupinos. The sale of both Series is effective March 23, 2023.

“I am honored to have this opportunity and continue the legacy Stan had built. Working directly with Stan the past few months, I have learned a lot and will absolutely continue to reach out to Stan on a regular basis.  I will be running the FASTRAK Touring Series, Ultimate Heart of America Super Late Model Series and Richmond Raceway KY this upcoming season with the goal is to find a Series Director for FASTRAK and ULTIMATE HoA in the future,” commented new owner and President Bill Lupinos.

After speaking with Lester about the announcement about the sale, it became clear that it was going to be a lengthy one as it would be his last press release.

Lester continued, “this is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” said former President Stan Lester. “Unfortunately, my health incidents over the last several years put me in the tough place of having to make a decision of what was best for the sport and the company. Few people would ever understand how much we have given this sport over the last 19 years, and I was so wanting to make it 20, but after much prayer, now is the time.”

“I want to express to the racing community how much I appreciate being a part of the industry. I have fought hard for the benefit of the teams. I remember so clearly when we began in 2004 our focus and mission statement was to only control two of the most expensive things in dirt racing. Tires and engines. We have been successful at that and changed the face of dirt racing forever with the Chevrolet crate engines. I remember being called a fool, people saying it would never work, that we would ruin the sport, but today crate engines have become prevalent in the sport and I’m glad we had a small part of that creation. I suppose you can call that successful.”

Over the last nineteen years FASTRAK and ULTIMATE have enjoyed record purses, record car counts and record success.  

“I could not be more proud of what we created as a team; employees, tracks, teams and sponsors. In the 19 years I can honestly say not one time have we ever bent the rules to suit any one individual. We always did what was right in our best view and treated people fairly and that’s really all I ever wanted to do. In this sport that alone is success.”

Not only has Lester had success in building the FASTRAK brand into the leading crate late model sanction and series, but also has built the ULTIMATE Super Late Model brand into one of the strongest regional tour series in the country.

“To all the super late model teams know that I thank you. I thank you for pushing me until I finally gave in and created something I think has been good for you and 2023 to be our best year ever with increased purses and start money. I saw teams move up from crates and participate with us in supers. I saw many of those teams go on to be the most successful drivers in the sport today. It’s been my pleasure to watch you come along as teens in most cases to become married then parents and the best in the sport today. It's truly been an honor.”

Both FASTRAK and ULTIMATE are in great hands heading into 2023 and beyond. Bill and Stacy Lupinos not only have experience with touring series but are also uniquely qualified in operating a racetrack, as they are the owners of Richmond Raceway in Richmond, KY. Which will be an enormous help to the tracks that become FASTRAK sanctioned or host a FASTRAK or ULTIMATE series event.

“I want you to know you are in good hands with Bill and Stacy and their two sons. I made sure all the sponsorship was in place before I left so nothing changes. The $10,000 to win $1000 to start events for supers and the $5000 to win $400 to start events for FASTRAK are all in place and will happen regardless of me no longer being involved on a day-to-day basis. Point funds are secured and financially you're more than safe.”

Lester will stay on as a consultant for the rest of 2023 and will also be contracted by the company to secure marketing and sponsorships for both FASTRAK and ULTIMATE.

“I have agreed to stay on as a consultant for the balance of 2023 and also contracted with the company for marketing now and into the future. My desire is to help attain even more sponsor dollars to make this bigger and better for years to come.” Lester continued, “you’ll still see me around from time to time. Most people don’t realize I started racing when I was six. I’ve had the unique experience of being a crew member, driver, team owner, track owner and series owner. Lord knows I can’t give all that up overnight. I am still a true race fan will forever will be.”

In the nineteen years at the helm of FASTRAK and ULTIMATE, Lester has built an army of lifetime friends in the business. But the time has come for him to concentrate on his health and family. To being the creator of crate late model racing, and the sports biggest advocate, Lester has left a huge mark on the sport of dirt racing.

“I do know this much. I gave it my all. I gave back every penny we could. I did my best and in the end, what else can a man do? Now it's time I try to make up time with Mary Kay, my family and friends and most of all my health. Man, I love you guys, this sport, the fans, tracks, teams, and everyone that has ever been involved with us, but my time of the day to day has come to an end I’m incredibly sad, but also happy. Mixed emotions really, but I know you are in great hands and FASTRAK and ULTIMATE will continue to succeed under the new ownership. I wish you all the best and pray Gods blessings be upon you for all the days of your lives. I thank you my friends for the honor of allowing me to do this.”

The new contact information for FASTRAK and ULTIMATE administrative offices will be Bill Lupinos, President (917) 697-4776.

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